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Stay Updated with Trending Informative Blogs An Official Blog Site of Nokia Allowing You to Read Trending Blogs

Project Overview

Nokia Blog Website is the official blog site of Nokia which has lots of blogs and author information. Users can search and read all the latest blog articles of Nokia and also get information about the various authors. The blogs are always updated within a specific time interval and the user will always have the latest blogs to read.

Project Brief is the official site of Nokia which is running with Drupal 8. It was required to set up the multi-site with the Nokia site for blog only. The site should be set up on the Acquia server with all three environments i.e. Dev, Stg, and Prod.

  • All the deployment should be performed by the GIT and feature branch.
  • All Data must be fetched from the content hub service.
  • Cron job must work any time.


Nokia wanted to redesign its complete website with the most trending features that engage its customers and improve the web traffic.

The Challenge

Few challenges we faced while developing the system: -

  • We needed to update the content of the website consistently, which was fetching from the content hub.
  • To maintain the database and make changes accordingly.  


We have provided a solution for content that must be updated by the hub therefore we have created a Drush command for this & set it on Acquia job scheduling. For database, changes not affected by the manual editing. Thus, we used the configuration Drush command (Drush config-import) to eliminate misconfiguration. We have done Platform setup, UXG integration, Content hub integration, Global header & footer, Author Profile Page, Blog Detail Page and Deployment.

Key Results

Now, Blog site of Nokia is up and running with updated content.

Technology Used