Project Overview

eBay Inc Website is the official site of the eBay company which has lots of articles and stories. Users can search and read all the latest articles. Basically, it is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations of all sizes. Our portfolio of brands includes eBay Marketplace and eBay Classifieds Group, operating in 190 markets around the world.


To create an official website for eBay inc. and list articles and stories created by the editors. The site should run fast and also include custom AI. AI should work in such a way so that it shows content based on the country and user activities.


Great Online Commerce Experience

Building the next generation of online commerce experiences that surprise and delight you.



Solving technical challenges at scale to power the world’s largest Internet marketplace.


Help Small Businesses

We strive to get small businesses up and running online in service of building economically vibrant and thriving communities


Environmental Best Practices

Across our global business, we also integrate environmental best practices in our everyday work.


eBay Wishlist

You can view products in eBay's catalog and add that in the eBay wishlist to place your order later.

Project Brief

1) Personalized Content AI: We have created a custom module for the AI. This module helps site visitors to show content based on their activities. For example: If the user is from a US country then the site shows the latest content those are related to a US country. That means a Spanish user can get Spanish content as well. This also shows the content based on user search as well.

2) Easy Client admin interface: The site has various sections and block types. So we have created an interface where content editors can easily create new pages with lots of predefined sections. For example 2 column layout, Full-Width Layout, Banner, etc.

2) Social Share: Implemented the social share feature which allows the site visitor to share content to their social media platform.

Key Challenges

  • As the website is the official site of eBay so it needs to be run faster and smoother
  • Site have lots of content and that’s why the search should be the faster so that user get their result very quickly.
  • Easy backend content editor interface to allow site editors to create content easily.
  • It was challenging to provide personalized content to users as per their interest in language.


  • We have deployed sites to the Pantheon server and configured Memcache and other caching things to improve the performance.
  • The site also uses high-quality images and to serve images smooth and faster we have configured the CDN
  • For better and good search results we are using the Solr search and configured the facet to provide a better filter. Solr help to server the result fast and facet help user to filter their articles.
  • We developed the platform user-friendly to help customers in the US find content in their preferred language.
  • Also, we have handled Digital Marketing including SEO, SMO and PPC for this client.

Key Results

  • Improved Traffic due to personalized content
  • Cost reduction
  • No Limitations to Read Articles
  • Flexibility to Customers
  • Improved growth rate








Drupal 7, MySQL, PHP 5.6, Bootstrap, Solr, Less CSS

Technology Used